How we Work

Dare to Care

Make a Donation!

Isikholo Foundation NPC keeps abreast of the developments and will keep track and share stories of how the funders made a difference in the lives of the learners and the whole school.

We are transparent in listing the donors publicly, on a monthly basis.

We issue a tax-deductible certificate at the end of the financial tax year to our individual and corporate donors.

We remain committed to charge as little as possible on transaction fees and to transfer as much possible of the committed amount to the school fund.

We aiming at securing at least 500 funders or contributors per school and to get commitment for a monthly contribution of R100 per month, the target therefore to be set at R50 000 per month. We often spend such an amount so easily on a box of chocolates, alcohol, betting etc.

We asked our fellow colleagues in the education environment if such a monthly contribution from the community would make any difference and the response was an overwhelming YES!!!